When Rachel Dana discovered CSA 10 years ago, she discovered how fun and challenging it was to work with the flavors of the seasons.

Dana Confection Co. was founded by Rachel Dana in 2015, inspired by her adventures around the world and a passion for simple, delicious local food. It all begin in 2012 while visiting Aix-en-Provence that Rachel discovered the calisson. Enamored by its complex and perfectly sweet blend of fruit and almond, Rachel learned how to make them, as she could not find them anywhere outside of the provincial city.

As Rachel was also a member of a CSA program, she began integrating the seasonal fruits she would receive into her sweet-making, and discovered that calissons were the perfect way to capture and preserve the richest flavors of the season. What started as a hobby quickly became a business. Between Rachel's never ending curiosity and seasoned tastebuds, she continues to bring new products and flavors to her customers each season.