Our process begins at our local farms where we source an array of fruits, picked at the peak of their season, to obtain the best flavor for our candy.


To candy our fruit, the process is slow and simple as we soak fruit in ever-increasing concentrations of syrup until the fruit is has absorbed as much sugar as possible. No cooking is required as the sugar is simple replacing water, producing candied fruit.

This process takes between 3-6 weeks. It is from here our candied fruit is used to make our callisons, fruit for nougat, syrup and pâte de fruit. It is from here we pair our fruits with floral and herbal undertones to make complex and delightful flavors. Not only do we bring you the best flavors of the season, we don’t waste one drop of it! 

See below for a glimpse into our calisson-making process, from selecting fresh herbs and fruit to topping with royal icing.